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All TIME TRAVEL D.V.D.s are priced at £10 each. There is no charge for postage and packing in the U.K. Send cheque or postal order payable to Nick Pettitt to:-
60 Windmill Road
East Sussex
BN26 5BQ

If you want any more details about any of the Time Travel D.V.D.s, i.e. if you are looking for footage of a particular car or meeting you can contact me below.
Iíve listed some of the cars and meetings featured on the D.V.D.s but there are plenty more.
Also if you have or know anybody who has any more cine film hidden away that I could buy or borrow please let me know so I can produce more Time Travel D.V.D.s and preserve some more of our Drag Racing & Hot Rodding History before it gets lost forever.......

Phone 01323 487871-- Email

or you can now pay with:-
PayPal :- this link brings up the home page where you can click on send money and enter my email address

I now accept PayPal payments for
Use the PayPal link above and my email address below and Brian Taylor will send out your purchases.........